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Webinar March 8, 1PM

Register Below to Learn the 5 Biggest Questions Asked by Manufacturers When Looking to Use a Machine Monitoring Software.


The 5 Biggest Questions Asked by Manufacturers When Looking to Use a Machine Monitoring Software

Join us on March 8th to gain insight on the 5 biggest questions asked by manufacturers when looking to use a machine monitoring software.

Whether you operate a small machine shop or a large, multi-location factory, you will benefit from the in-depth manufacturing knowledge Paul Welch will share, FreePoint’s Professional Services Leader with over 10 years of experience in implementing and supporting Manufacturing software solutions. .

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how monitoring Downtime and Status Codes can stop leaving profit on the shop floor.
  • Discover why Digital Andons give your operators a voice on real-time issues, and get a faster response on machine breakdowns.
  • Visualize how to adapt to any situation that occurs in production planning with real-time machine connectivity.
  • Understand the key metrics to calculate OEE and why everyone should do this.
  • Taking data to another level – record, measure and display custom KPIs.


Darrell CookSpeaker: Darrell Cook, Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Darrell leads the overall vision and strategy for all commercial divisions with a strong focus for advancing Industry 4.0 solutions. He is deeply experienced in business software that leads toward innovation. As an executive leader, Darrell has a wide range of experience within technology and software organizations throughout North America and Western Europe.


Speaker: Paul Welch, Professional Services Manager

Paul Welch is a highly experienced manufacturing professional with over 10 years in implementing and supporting Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions for global customers. He has worked with top brands like Ford, Toyota, and Georgia Pacific, providing them with world-class MES solutions that have improved their manufacturing processes and boosted their operational efficiency.

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Webinar:  The 5 Biggest Questions Asked by Manufacturers When Looking to Use a Machine Monitoring Software

  • Date and Time – Wednesday, March 8th at 1PM E.T.
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