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Learn Helpful Tips with Live Demos to Help You When Deciding on Software Tools for Your Digital Transformation

In our recent webinar we provided insight into the 5 biggest questions we get asked by customers when it comes to the implementation of shop floor monitoring and manufacturing execution system software.

FreePoint’s Professional Services Leader, Paul Welch, discussed the questions manufacturers commonly ask in their Industry 4.0 journey; including how data is extracted from machines or processes, and transformed into easy to understand visuals that form the action items that enable continuous improvement.

See a video clip, learn more, and access the full-length demonstration here: Webinar Videos


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ShiftWorx™ MES Software:

It all starts with getting your shopfloor assets cloud-connected; featuring patented data extraction and visualization technology, ShiftWorx™ MES impacts continuous improvement actions instantly with smarter decisions, faster! Book a demo today.

Production Scheduling Software:

Spreadsheet or paper-based job schedules are difficult to manage, maintain, distribute, and access, which is costing you money. Maximize operational throughput with production scheduling software.

Digital Work Instructions:

Digital work instructions provide full accountability in work instructions delivery, whether it’s preventive maintenance, assembly instructions, quality control or more, traceability reduces errors. Book a demo to learn more!

Digital Andon System:

Digital Andon improves shop floor communication and production uptime by ensuring operational or quality issues are addressed quickly! Wireless and easy to integrate – expedite the resolution of production and quality problems today.