CASE STUDY: Food Plant Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) +20%

Nortera Foods utilizes innovative ShiftWorx software solutions to monitor machine performance and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness / OEE.

CASE STUDY: Engineering Workshop Throughput Increased by 25% in 12 Months

The following case study demonstrates how ShiftWorx was utilized by an engineering workshop to increase their CNC Mill's throughput by 25% in 12 months.
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The Top 10 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

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CASE STUDY: Critical Machine Productivity Increased by 42%

The following case study demonstrates how ShiftWorx software…

CASE STUDY: Machine Shop Increases Productivity by 69% in Only One Year!

Learn How FreePoint's ShiftWorx Successfully Helped a Machine…

Go Paperless with Digital Scheduling

You know you're losing money on your shopfloor with every scheduling inefficiency that goes unaccounted; including the time lost, and errors caused when you continue to use traditional production scheduling methods like paper-based or spreadsheet-based scheduling. You know that spreadsheet or paper-based job schedules are difficult to manage, maintain, distribute, and access, so why continue this practice when digital solutions are now cost-effective?