TPS AND INDUSTRY 4.0: Data-Driven Excellence – Unraveling the Toyota Production System (TPS)

The data-driven Toyota Production System (TPS) is a dynamic force that drives efficiency, quality, and continuous improvement in Industry 4.0

CASE STUDY: Wire Harness Manufacturer Increases Productivity 50% with ShiftWorx

Excel Connection significantly decreased machine downtime, increased productivity, and improved employee engagement overall with ShiftWorx.

TPS AND INDUSTRY 4.0: Delve Deeper Into the Facets of TPS and its Relationship with Data

Whether a company is building cars or coding software, the tenets of TPS are timeless, and integral for manufacturers to succeed in Industry 4.0.

Why Standardized Work Instructions are Integral for Continuous Improvement

Integrating Standardized Work Instructions leads to improved manufacturing consistency, quality, efficiency, safety, compliance and training effectiveness.

How Machine Monitoring Works: 6 Steps to Increase Productivity 50%+

The 1st step in machine monitoring is cloud-connection. Learn how it works and how our patented technology connects shopfloor assets easily.

CASE STUDY: Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer Doubles Productivity with ShiftWorx

With ShiftWorx's Notifications Module, operators spend much less time seeking out resources, and spend more time on performing value-adding tasks.