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The Top 10 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a concept developed during the 1990s, and…

CASE STUDY: Critical Machine Productivity Increased by 42%

The following case study demonstrates how ShiftWorx software…

CASE STUDY: Machine Shop Increases Productivity by 69% in Only One Year!

Learn How FreePoint's ShiftWorx Successfully Helped a Machine…

Go Paperless with Digital Scheduling

You know you're losing money on your shopfloor with every scheduling inefficiency that goes unaccounted; including the time lost, and errors caused when you continue to use traditional production scheduling methods like paper-based or spreadsheet-based scheduling. You know that spreadsheet or paper-based job schedules are difficult to manage, maintain, distribute, and access, so why continue this practice when digital solutions are now cost-effective?

Digital Work Instructions for the Wiring Harness Industry

One of the most basic and cost-effective methods to impact shopfloor operations with increased efficiency is to improve the communication of vital information, i.e. the delivery of info on-time, without errors, and with traceability inherent to guarantee accountability. . The digital transformation for most small to medium sized manufacturers begins first with cloud-connecting your processes, machinery or equipment with ShiftWorx™ MES's patented IIoT connectivity solution.

Continuous Improvement Tools for the Digital Age

It all starts with getting your shopfloor assets cloud-connected; featuring patented data extraction and visualization technology, ShiftWorx™ MES impacts continuous improvement actions instantly with smarter decisions, faster! Book a demo today.