One of the most basic and cost-effective methods to impact shopfloor operations with increased efficiency is to improve the communication of vital information, i.e. the delivery of info on-time, without errors, and with traceability inherent to guarantee accountability.
The digital transformation for most small to medium sized manufacturers begins first with cloud-connecting your processes, machinery or equipment with ShiftWorx™ MES’s patented IIoT connectivity solution.

Once connected, ShiftWorx™ MES empowers manufacturers with a suite of software tools, or add-on modules like Digital Work Instructions to meet your specific shopfloor or Industry requirement.  In the wiring harness industry, for example, ShiftWorx™ MES Digital Work Instructions enable manufacturers to reduce if not completely eliminate paper-based or spreadsheet based information delivery methods; to increase productivity and reduce errors by managing assembly instructions, quality control, and preventative maintenance directions digitally from a web browser on any device.

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Learn more about ShiftWorx™ MES add-on modules below – or contact us for your Industry specific consultation and software demo.

ShiftWorx™ MES Software:

It all starts with getting your shopfloor assets cloud-connected; featuring patented data extraction and visualization technology, ShiftWorx™ MES impacts continuous improvement actions instantly with smarter decisions, faster! Book a demo today.

Production Scheduling Software:

Spreadsheet or paper-based job schedules are difficult to manage, maintain, distribute, and access, which is costing you money. Maximize operational throughput with production scheduling software.

Digital Work Instructions:

Digital work instructions provide full accountability in work instructions delivery, whether it’s preventive maintenance, assembly instructions, quality control or more, traceability reduces errors. Book a demo to learn more!

Digital Andon System:

Digital Andon improves shop floor communication and production uptime by ensuring operational or quality issues are addressed quickly! Wireless and easy to integrate – expedite the resolution of production and quality problems today.