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Are Kanban and Lean Manufacturing Still Relevant Today? Part 2

Lean Manufacturing is as relevant today as it was over 70 years ago. And Continuous Improvement is achievable through the repetition of these principles.

Are Kanban and Lean Manufacturing Still Relevant Today? Part 1

While there is no such thing as “the perfect production system", Kanban is an uncomplicated yet effective system for creating products. Is it still relevant today?
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Enhancing Canadian Manufacturing Productivity: Leveraging Machine Monitoring Technology

This Blog explores the synergy between the Bank of Canada's productivity goals and the transformative potential of machine monitoring technology in Canadian manufacturing.

CASE STUDY: Food Plant Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) +20%

Nortera Foods utilizes innovative ShiftWorx software solutions to monitor machine performance and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness / OEE.

CASE STUDY: Engineering Workshop Throughput Increased by 25% in 12 Months

The following case study demonstrates how ShiftWorx was utilized by an engineering workshop to increase their CNC Mill's throughput by 25% in 12 months.
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The Top 10 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a concept developed during the 1990s, and…