CASE STUDY: Food Plant Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) +20%

Nortera Foods utilizes innovative ShiftWorx software solutions to monitor machine performance and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness / OEE.

CASE STUDY: Engineering Workshop Throughput Increased by 25% in 12 Months

The following case study demonstrates how ShiftWorx was utilized by an engineering workshop to increase their CNC Mill's throughput by 25% in 12 months.
lean manufacturing

The Top 10 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a concept developed during the 1990s, and…

CASE STUDY: Machine Shop Increases Productivity by 69% in Only One Year!

Learn How FreePoint's ShiftWorx Successfully Helped a Machine…
digital andon

Digital Andon System Functionality at a Fraction of the Cost of a Traditional System

Digital Andon enables operators to send electronic messages to immediately address shop floor issues involving machines or processes, e.g. breakdowns, quality and safety issues, etc., from a button or touchscreen.
webinar preview

Digital Transformation Questions Answered – Webinar Videos Now Available

See a webinar preview and access the full-length feature video: "The 5 Biggest Questions Asked by Manufacturers About Machine Monitoring MES Software." Gain insight on the 5 biggest questions asked by manufacturers when looking to use a machine monitoring MES software. Whether you operate a small machine shop or a large, multi-location factory, you will benefit from the in-depth manufacturing knowledge Paul Welch will share, FreePoint’s Professional Services Manager with over 10 years of experience in implementing and supporting Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions.