lean manufacturing

The Top 10 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a concept developed during the 1990s, and…

CASE STUDY: Machine Shop Increases Productivity by 69% in Only One Year!

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Why Employee Engagement Matters in Manufacturing

The term employee engagement might sound like just one more inaccessible…
digital andon

Digital Andon System Functionality at a Fraction of the Cost of a Traditional System

Digital Andon enables operators to send electronic messages to immediately address shop floor issues involving machines or processes, e.g. breakdowns, quality and safety issues, etc., from a button or touchscreen.

Top 5 Ways Manufacturers Should Be Using Their Data

What are the top 5 ways manufacturers should be using their data? If you're already collecting data in your organization, great! However, if you're collecting data and dropping it into a repository where it’s never seen again, what’s the point? Read more to learn how manufacturers "should be" using their data, and see FreePoint Technologies' Top 5!

Machine Monitoring and Employee Engagement: How ShiftWorx Connects the Two

There is very little doubt that machine monitoring software appeals…