CASE STUDY: Food Plant Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) +20%

April 17, 2024 / FreePoint Technologies Inc.



Nortera Foods, a leading food processing company, utilizes innovative ShiftWorx solutions to monitor machine performance across multiple facilities. Nortera confronted a critical production challenge at one of its facilities; despite an anticipated Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) range of 60-65%, this facility languished below 40% OEE.



To rapidly identify and rectify the root cause of this underperformance, leveraging ShiftWorx data insights, and implement immediate measures to enhance and sustain operational efficiencies.


Action Taken

Diving into ShiftWorx data and closely scrutinizing the production line, Nortera Foods uncovered a glaring truth: their bagging equipment was operating far below its capacity from 5+ years ago.

Armed with ShiftWorx’s comprehensive reporting tools, Nortera Foods discovered that replacing two older machines with a single high-speed, high-efficiency unit was the solution. This bold move, coupled with daily insights, meticulous follow-up, and rigorous tracking, resulted in achieving the coveted 60% target and a positive ROI.


Impact of ShiftWorx

Unleashing Data Driven InsightsHarnessing ShiftWorx’s data capabilities, Nortera Foods pinpointed mechanical and operational inefficiencies with precision, enabling swift and decisive action.


Long-Term Solution

Checklist ImplementationNortera Foods is on the cusp of a transformative shift, meticulously crafting advanced operational checklists within the ShiftWorx Standardized Work Instruction module. These meticulous guides empower operators during changeovers, thereby, avoiding setup pitfalls and lost production time.

Notification AssignmentEmbracing further innovation, Nortera Foods has seamlessly integrated the ShiftWorx API into an automated email or SMS text. Now when performance dips below a predetermined threshold, an immediate alert is communicated to on-site supervisors resulting in swift responses and corrective actions.



Enhanced Productivity Swift intervention highlighted the imperative need and projected ROI of a significant multi-million-dollar investment to boost productivity at the facility and achieving the anticipated OEE targets.

Sustained Improvement – The combination of ShiftWorx technology with operational protocols and targets resulted in sustained efficiencies and productivity improvements, setting a standard for continuous optimization.



Through the integration of ShiftWorx data insights and actions by Nortera Foods, the company successfully identified and corrected critical inefficiencies, resulting in enhanced productivity for the underperforming facility. The implementation of checklists, and defined roles and responsibilities will further establish a culture of accountability, laying the foundation for sustained operational excellence.


Document Download

Download the case study document to disseminate the information – share the blog or document link with your team or manufacturing professional network to encourage further dialog on this proven, cost-effective solution to increase OEE.

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