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Top 5 Methods to Combat Unplanned Downtime by 20%

LIVE: Wednesday, December 6th at 1pm ET

According to the International Society of Automation (ISA):

“The total cost of unplanned downtime for all processes on the shop floor is easily in the range of a trillion dollars.”

Join us for 30 minutes on Dec 6th to hear two of manufacturing’s leading authorities on how to combat unplanned downtime and put profits back in your business!

With over 40+ combined years of experience at Toyota, Jason Maclean and Darryl Powell will conduct a session on 5 proven methods to apply so your production floor is running at top efficiency.

Learn about proven lean manufacturing methodologies that to this day are the benchmark for productivity and quality.

In this session we’ll illustrate the fundamental steps to achieving machine data visibility to identify the root causes of unplanned downtime and quality improvements.

On the day, Jason and Darryl will help you understand how adding technology to your shop floor is integral to increasing your manufacturing productivity and machine uptime reliability.

Key Takeaways

  • 5 methods to improve uptime on your shop floor.
  • Insights on how data can identify root causes for quality and unplanned downtime.
  • The necessary steps to understand how you can adopt technology on your shop floor for better profitability.
  • How you can empower your operators to take ownership of their workstation within a lean manufacturing environment.

Speaker: Jason Maclean, Manufacturing (TPS) Expert

Jason is the winner of multiple Kaizen Continuous Improvement awards and has extensive Lean Manufacturing experience and waste reduction experience. He is a steadfast manufacturing manager with over 20 years of experience in various industries including Automotive Tier 1-3, Aerospace, Metal Fabrication, and Food and Beverage.

With a safety first, and Continuous Improvement mindset, Jason has also served as a trainer and manager focused on joint health and safety to spearhead lean manufacturing initiatives in that regard.


Speaker: Darryl Powell, Manufacturing (TPS) Expert

Darryl’s near 30 years of experience in various manufacturing industries garners our customers a broad access to manufacturing efficiency knowledge that spans beyond the automotive industry. He spent over 20 years with Toyota in multiple strategic management leadership positions, amplifying Toyota’s 5 key missions which are safety, quality, productivity, cost, and team member development.

Beyond Automotive Tier 1-3, his kaizen and lean manufacturing skillset spans various industries including metal fabrication, agricultural, and forestry industries.


Moderator: Darrell Cook, Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Darrell leads the overall vision and strategy for all commercial divisions with a strong focus for advancing Industry 4.0 solutions. He is deeply experienced in business software that leads toward innovation.

As an executive leader, Darrell has a wide range of experience within technology and software organizations throughout North America and Western Europe.

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Together we will dig deeper into the key questions most manufacturers inquire about when looking towards minimizing downtime and increasing profits.


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